The Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House at Mission Bay

Rendering of the Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House

As Family House looks to the future, we hope to continue serving the pediatric patient population when UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital moves to the Mission Bay Area of San Francisco. The area is being redeveloped from the ground up, which means Family House has acquired a piece of land to construct a new building in the vicinity of the hospital to fulfill our mission. Plans are under way to ensure that families will receive the same care, comfort and compassionate housing completely free of charge while their child receives care at the new hospital.

The Administrative Offices have moved to the Nancy & Stephen Grand Family House at Mission Bay, but the house is not yet open to families. If you have questions about an upcoming stay, please contact us at (415) 476-8321.

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Capital Campaign Complete!

Fundraising progress thermometer


Capital Campaign News Updates



Spring 2016: Autumn 2015 

Dear friends of Family House,

The long road from the Inner Sunset District to Mission Bay is almost complete. It is only because of our donors and our community that Family House can expand capacity to welcome everyone who needs our services in our beautiful, new building at the corner of 3rd Street and Mission Bay Blvd. North. The process started almost 10 years ago, and once we move in, you can all rest assured that the building will be run with the same compassion and family-centered focus that has been our hallmark for the past 35 years.

This will be the final Campaign/Construction update on the Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House in Mission Bay, because it is time to plan celebrations and the move in. Future communications about the building, our families and programs will arrive via our regular online newsletters, which will keep you up to date on everything in our new house. In the meantime, please accept our profound and sincere thanks to everyone who helped us achieve this great success. This is something we can all be proud of.


The construction of the new Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House is 90% done! Our architects, Richard Stacy and Claudia Merzario, are working closely with the Nibbi team to go through punch lists, complete the finishes, and get us moved in. Nibbi Brothers is working around the clock to make sure that everything is done on time and on budget. We are tremendously grateful to the entire Nibbi team for their partnership, support of all kinds and guidance from beginning to end, in making the new Family House a reality. Additional thanks go to Cambridge Construction Management, who took special interest and care in their oversight of the construction project.


Drew McKnight and the Family House Capital Campaign team of Taylor Moore, Scott Miller, Art Ablin, Nancy Grand, Diana Montgomery, Paul and Anne Finigan, and George Montgomery put shoulder to the wheel to raise in more than our $42 million goal. Naming donors Nancy and Stephen Grand, and the Kalmanovitz Charitable Foundation were central in motivating others and in ensuring our success with their major gifts. Capital One and Northern California Community Loan Fund, along with Northern Trust Bank, provided tax credit funds and our construction loan, respectively. BuildingBlox provided excellent campaign counsel, and our amazing and talented Board of Directors stepped up by donating one-third of the total amount raised. We are tremendously grateful to all.


Invitations are out to attend the March 2nd Ribbon Cutting at 11:00am at the new building. We promise it will be filled with fun, music, and plenty of cool people - we hope to see you there.

Our Families

This is what we're about. Families move in on Monday, March 28th and will no longer have to commute across the city that is riddled with new construction projects, major events, and a lot of traffic! Our Family Services committee, headed up by Linda Goldfarb, is already planning to welcome families with open arms, a homelike environment, and our trademark hospitality. Art and Debbie Ablin's vision of never having to turn away any family in need of free, temporary housing and compassionate services has grown and grown and grown. And now, let us join together to fulfill the latest iteration of that vision in Mission Bay. Our families need us.


Nancy & Stephen Grand at the Topping Out Ceremony


We did it. All of us TOGETHER - we have surpassed the $42.0 million capital campaign fundraising goal to build the new Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House at Mission Bay. Every member of our Board of Directors, every staff member, many of our families, donors and volunteers made it happen. We did it. Over 10 years ago, when it was first announced that the UCSF Children's Hospital would move to Mission Bay, the news was greeted with more than a little head scratching at Family House. We had just purchased, renovated, endowed and opened a second Koret Family House in the neighborhood. On reading the announcement in the newspaper, the Family House Board of Directors and staff began discussing what this meant to us, and the vision was clear - Family House wanted to move, too. Close proximity to the hospital is a great strength in providing free, temporary housing and of paramount importance to the families who stay at Family House.

Recruiting talent and leadership was the first step, and an early accomplishment. In succession, Tay Via, Kathleen Toney, Bob Nibbi and Scott Miller provided exactly what was needed to grow the organization and prepare for a major capital campaign. If there is an embarrassment of riches, it's in the accomplishment, commitment and generosity of our Board of Directors, its leadership and the staff. Our success in serving families with compassion and dignity for over 30 years established Family House as a viable entity with a strong mission. Never having received a donation of more than $1.0 million in its history, Family House forged on. We KNEW that the project was unbeatable; we lived by the maxim, "The obstacle strengthens the will."

"The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, but that's the way to bet."

Mission, vision, leadership, commitment won the day. For every family that has ever stayed at Family House (over 35,000) and for every family for whom there was not enough room (countless), this is for you. Our doors and hearts and arms are open to all who have been dealt the blow of caring for their seriously ill child. You inspire us.


Hard Hat Tour

Summer 2015 

The Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House construction is over halfway done! Here is some recent news from the project:


Nibbi Brothers Construction Project Manager, Josh Bazinet, and Project Engineer, Nick Turner, have received the Cleanest Jobsite Award for running a clean and safe construction site for the past 10 months at the Grand Family House. This achievement has done much to keep the contractors and sub-contractors on schedule (even ahead of schedule!) and on budget. We would like to also acknowledge Construction Supervisor, Jim Sly, for his excellent work in overseeing the schedule and all sub-contractors. NIbbi Brothers is doing a wonderful job for Family House.


We're ALMOST there! Thanks to our new board members, increased gifts from longtime donors, like our friends in the band Train, our total fundraising stands at $41,527,000 -- only $473,000 more to go to hit our goal of $42 million. Capital Campaign Chairman, Drew McKnight, continues to lead the way to get the campaign fully funded and closed as soon as possible. If you haven't yet had a chance to make your gift, or if you wish to make an additional gift, please contact CEO Alexandra Morgan, at 415-476-1730 or

It's not too late to get your name on the building!!! If you would like to purchase a paver in the garden ($500 or $1,000) by September 1st, please visit:

Other News

The Family House décor committee is in the final throes of their work to put together the "look" of the new building. Decisions are being made not just on aesthetics, but also on energy efficiency. In particular, we still hope to achieve LEED Platinum rating from the USGBC (US Green Building Council), which will include clean, filtered air; clean, filtered water; drought resistant gardens; solar heated water; use of non-toxic cleaning products, recycling and linen reuse programs, low flow showerheads, as well as energy conserving lighting; motion sensors and many other energy saving measures.

Finally, please mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 2, 2016 for our official opening, including a ribbon cutting with local leaders, and a full afternoon of child-friendly activities and community celebration. We hope that everyone who has donated, volunteered, stayed or just likes Family House will join us.

As always, THANK YOU for caring about the families at Family House!

New Videos

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Time Lapse Construction, March 2015 - May 2015

Late Spring 2015 

For those of you who are interested in Family House, our future and expanding capacity to help even more families, this is the latest in our wonderful project to build the Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House at Mission Bay.


Construction is 30% complete! What a milestone. Nibbi Brothers Construction and Cambridge Construction Management are doing a masterful job of keeping the construction project on time and on budget. Every one of the construction workers, sub-contractors and even the executives understand how important and "special" this project is. We have kept a steady stream of donors, staff and board members on tours of the construction site to watch cement being poured, walls being erected and rebar installation parties. If you'd like to see the updated time-lapse video, just click here.


We're ALMOST there! Thanks to our new board members, increased gifts from longtime donors, like our friends in the band, Train, our total fundraising stands at $41,340,000 - only $660,000 more to go to hit our goal of $42 million. Capital Campaign Chairman, Drew McKnight, continues to lead the way to get the campaign fully funded and closed as soon as possible. If you haven't yet had a chance to make your gift, or if you wish to make an additional gift, please contact Alexandra Morgan at 415-476-1730 or

We now have personalized pavers available for purchase in the garden. Please click here or contact Alison for more details.

There's a lot more to hitting the mark of success in a big project like this than just fundraising. Family House has a team of professionals who have taken our building on as their own, and they will make a difference in the look and feel of the building in important ways. Thanks to our interiors consultant, Lori Darrah Jones and her team at One Work Place, we will be able to purchase all new office furniture at a 70% discount. And our brilliant interior designer, Palmer Weiss, continues to put her expert touch on materials that will create a calming and welcoming environment in our new home. Rounding out this talented pro bono creative team is professional art consultant, Julie Coyle. Julie's long career in consulting with the hospitality industry, as well as being the mother of a now-healthy son who spent time in the hospital, makes us understand that art is an important part of a sensitive and consoling environment.

Other News

While our news has been primarily focused on external events, it is important to understand that the joy, generosity, and creativity that support the Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House at Mission Bay is an expression of EVERYONE involved with Family House. Our staff is simply the best anywhere - their dedication, hard work, and commitment to an excellent experience for our families drives daily success. Our Board of Directors, headed up by the incredibly talented and universally admired Scott Miller, provide the leadership and organizational structure and transparency essential for the long term success in fulfilling our important mission. We could not exist without our dedicated donors and volunteers, who, over 2,500 strong annually, do more to "spread the word" about Family House in the community than we could imagine. To all, heartfelt thanks - from the parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives, and friends of the kids we exist to serve - THANK YOU.

Stay tuned for more news to come!


Time Lapse Construction, November 2014 - January 2015

Spring 2015 

This is an exciting time for Family House.  As we watch the new Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House take shape, we’re preparing for our big move in just one year.  Here is an update on our progress:


Nibbi Brothers General Contractors is going full throttle on our construction project – we're almost 20% through construction with a big concrete pour on Thursday, March 12th – please come by, if you're so inclined. Once that all day pour is done, we'll have a foundation and the ground floor pillars filled in.  In the next few months, as the walls go up, we’ll be in touch to offer hard hat tours of the building.  To say this is a thrill is an understatement.  All of our team, from architect, Richard Stacy, to the Nibbi team and our project managers at Cambridge are, in the words of Family House board member and former CEO of Anshen and Allen Architectural firm, Roger Swanson, "This is the best team that's ever been assembled for a project of any size."  Success breeds success, and we have, indeed, assembled a successful project team.  If you'd like to see the updated time-lapse video, just click here.


The thermometer is rising!  We’ve hit the $40.0 million mark with only $2.0 million more to go. Capital Campaign Chairman, Drew McKnight, continues to lead the way to get the campaign fully funded and closed as soon as possible.  If you haven’t yet had a chance to make your gift, or if you wish to make an additional gift, please contact Alexandra Morgan at 415-476-1730

Both European Sleep Works and Pottery Barn have stepped in with generous gift-in-kind donations:  European Sleep Works is manufacturing each new Family House custom made bed, and is delivering them to our donated storage space, courtesy of One Work Place.  Pottery Barn is donating children’s furniture, which will be maintained for several years post opening.  Without these and other generous donations from our community, the new Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House at Mission Bay would only be a dream.

Other News

Since the new UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital opened on February 1st, Family House has been able to help our families get across town to the new medical facility in any way available, including Lyft, taxi vouchers, shuttles and parking reimbursements.  This logistical challenge has been met with the typical creativity of the Family House staff, and is a small price to pay for the convenience and ease of getting our out-of-town families to treatments.

More news will be on its way shortly, but in the meantime, please do accept the heartfelt thanks of everyone in the Family House community for your steadfast support of our families and our mission.  You are our heroes!


Time Lapse Construction, November 2014 - January 2015

Winter 2015 

Happy Holidays to all of you wonderful people who have helped Family House achieve so much success in these past several years. To make your new year a little more cheerful, I am delighted to provide you with this Capital Campaign project update:


Since our fabulous Groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday, September 17th, 2014, we started construction just after that, and then had to stop for the rains! Who would've thought that any of us would have a second thought about rain in San Francisco? Apparently our crew at Nibbi Brothers General Contractors did. Because the land at Mission Bay is comprised of a great deal of landfill, it is essential to the long term success of our project that methane mitigation measures are taken at the very beginning of construction.

Once the layers of clean dirt and a membrane that seals the dirt and the foundation are in, it won't matter whether or not it's raining for the project to continue. Now that we have had a few days to let the trenches dry out, work can proceed, and we can start looking for cranes in the air this spring. Watch the latest time-lapse video at


This report would not be accurate without conveying how thrilled everyone is that we're at $39.5 million of the Campaign goal of $40 million. However, to manage everyone's expectations, the addition of another $2.0 million will enable Family House to include a number of important "add ons," such as acoustic ceiling treatments, a more welcoming garden, an upgraded air filtration system, and many other important items for the comfort and safety of our families.

Other News

Genentech came through with a donation of at 15-passenger van to transport families back and forth to Mission Bay, beginning February 1, 2015, when the new UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital opens. We are incredibly grateful for this gift.

Other projects for 2015 will include a furniture drive in conjunction with Macy's--there will be a gift registry of items needed to furnish all of the common spaces and bedrooms at a great discount. This project will run from June through August 2015. Stay tuned for details!

More news will be on its way shortly, but in the meantime, please do accept the heartfelt thanks of everyone in the Family House community for your steadfast support of our families and our mission. You are our heroes!


Jayme King, Family House client, at the Groundbreaking Ceremony

Autumn 2014 


September 17th, 2014 was, indeed, a wonderful day for Family House. Over 300 family members and friends attended the exciting red letter day at our groundbreaking ceremony. Mayor Edwin Lee, The Archbishop Riordan High School Marching Band and the SFPD Mounted Police brought due recognition and pomp to the event. Joined on the dais by naming donors, Nancy and Stephen Grand; UCSF Chancellor Sam Hawgood; Family House Founder, Dr. Art Ablin; UCSF CEO, Mark Laret; Board Chair, Scott Miller; Campaign Chair, Drew McKnight; and CEO, Alexandra Morgan speeches were delivered and then punctuated by Jayme King, a current patient, whose moving story brought home the reason for the project.

Also on hand were Police Chief, Greg Suhr and Fire Chief, Joanne Hayes-White whose new combined City headquarters will, conveniently, open just across the street from the new Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House in advance of our January 2016 opening.


The next big calendar date was Monday, October 6th, which marked the start of construction on Block 7 East in Mission Bay. For those of you unfamiliar with the area, our new address will be 540 Mission Bay Boulevard North. Construction is expected to take 17 months, and is headed up by Nibbi Brothers General Contractors. Special thanks to Related, the master developer of Block 7, without whose help this project would not have happened. If you're interested in watching construction projects develop, there is a time-lapse camera on top of a neighboring building that is recording our progress. Won't that be our favorite movie at Family House!

As Family House is only using approximately 30,000 square feet of an entire City block, you'll see the Related project getting started later this year, which will result in 200 affordable housing units, and we hope, full of volunteers for our new building!


A small committee of Board Members has set the program for design concepts, and has handed off the baton for others to procure all of the furnishings that will go in the house. Many important donations have already been made, with more to come, including beds and kitchenware. We hope to finalize a gift registry for those of you who would like to help get the house furnished, and will send out information as those partnerships develop.

Capital Campaign

Efforts are still in full gear to continue to finish off the Capital Campaign. All in, with current property valuations, we're at $37,250,000. Gifts of any size are welcome and very important to our success.


Thanks to keen interest throughout the City in our project, Family House has been featured in a number of high profile media outlets. Please click here for more information. You can watch the Groundbreaking Highlights Video here (or the Full Ceremony here), and view photos from the event here.

Please stay tuned for updates, as there will be celebrations along the way to opening new doors of compassion at the Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House in Mission Bay.


Sisters staying at Family House

Summer 2014 

Dear Family House Capital Campaign Donors:

It has been several months since our last campaign update, and here is the reason that we've waited until now to tell you: Family House now OWNS Block 7 East in Mission Bay, as of July 28, 2014. Thanks to the incredibly detailed and intrepid efforts of Karen Tiedemann, our attorney at Goldfarb and Lipman, our fearless leader, Scott Miller and many staff and volunteer hours, the land is ours.

The process took five years to complete, primarily due to the demise of the California Redevelopment Agency; but this red letter day is a testament to merits of focusing on the goal and getting the job done. Special thanks to Catherine Reilly at the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, as well as to the OCII Commissioners and Erica Wray at the Mission Bay Development Corporation. All made special efforts on our behalf, and we are grateful to each.

Design and Construction

We are delighted that the final schematics are DONE. Richard Stacy and Greg Novicoff have done a masterful job of overseeing the LMS architectural team's production of our new building plans, including all of the details that will make our house a home. Special thanks to our Real Estate Committee, headed up by Steve Goldfarb (of Anomaly wine fame), Roger Swanson (whose firm designed the new UCSF hospital), Kevin Williams (General Manager Ritz Carlton Residences and Club), and Lorcan Kearney of Cambridge Construction Management who dedicated months to the building design process along with Family House staff.

Now that schematics are complete, Nibbi Brothers General Contractors takes over to request bids from sub-contractors who will handle everything from pilings (required of every building in Mission Bay) to acoustics, signage, mechanical, elevators, plumbing, fire protection, security and every other necessity. Bids will be received and awarded mid-September and construction will commence. This is truly an exciting time in our storied history.

Capital Campaign

We're ALMOST there. To date, Family House has raised over $37 million in cash and pledges toward our $40 million goal. We have a new banking partnership with Northern Trust, who will finance our project as pledges roll in. Most thrilling, however, an anonymous donor has signed an agreement to give Family House $5.0 million dollars throughout the 2015 calendar year. We are indebted to all who made that gift a reality, and especially for the leadership of Campaign Chair, Drew McKnight and the campaign committee.


You should all have received your Save the Date card for our groundbreaking on Wednesday, September 17th at 10:00 am on our new site (540 Mission Bay Boulevard North). We promise the groundbreaking will be a fun and memorable event with many exciting surprises!!

Looking forward to seeing you there. Thank you all for making it possible to house every UCSF family who needs our help at Mission Bay.


A Family House patient holding a teddy bear

Spring 2014


Thrilling news! The OCII (Redevelopment Commission Successor Agency) unanimously approved the final architectural design of our Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House at Mission Bay earlier this month. Richard Stacy, Principal at architectural firm, Leddy Maytum Stacy aptly presented the design and model to the Commissioners, along with OCII staffer Catherine Reilly. We are indebted to them both. This means all public approvals and meetings have been completed, although our design team will continue to work with OCII staff to finalize every last detail of the architectural plans. A beautiful model was made to scale of the new building, which we will feature at upcoming events. Later on this year, interior design decisions will be finalized as well.


With design, pre-construction, and permitting all on track, we are scheduled to hold our ground breaking ceremony in September, just 6 months away. We promise a wonderful event to mark this long-awaited red letter day in the history of Family House. Be sure to look for your invitation later this year. Nibbi Brothers General Contractors and Cambridge Construction Management are in the process of finalizing all steps in the pre-construction process along with LMS and a full complement of sub-contractors, our partners at UCSF, and the City.

Capital Campaign

We have hit the $28.2 million mark in fundraising with several recent gifts, including MaryJo and Dick Kovacevich ($1,000,000), The Phoebe Snow Foundation ($500,000), and Wells Fargo Bank ($500,000). These and other important gifts, in addition to the value of our current properties ($7.5 million), brings total assets up to $35.7 million. Only $4.3 million to go to reach our goal! Let's leave no stone unturned. If you know anyone who should be invited to join us by investing in this truly important project, please contact CEO Alexandra Morgan

In addition, Family House Treasurer, Kevin Keenley is working on financing for the new building. Once that relationship is negotiated and finalized, we will be sure to keep you posted.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help in making sure that every family in need of our services will receive compassionate housing during their child's treatment.


A hospital patient with a therapy dog

Winter 2014


Architects Richard Stacy and Gregg Novicoff of the architectural firm Leddy, Maytum and Stacy, have finalized schematic design plans for the new Family House. The final steps are to get City approval and OCII Commission approval, so keep your fingers crossed! In the meantime, the able decorations team from Marie Fisher Design is working with Family House board members Susan Mall, Debbie Ablin and Art Ablin to make sure that the new Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House at Mission Bay is warm, hospitable and inviting.


We are due to break ground this August with an 18 month construction schedule. Our construction manager, Lorcan Kearney of Cambridge Construction Management is working hand in hand with Nibbi Brothers General Contractors to make sure that value engineering and extensive planning inform every aspect of this building project. The great news from the City is that we do not have to run a sewage exhaust pipe through our facility (although we will house the generator). For anyone who really wants to know what this means, please contact Alexandra!

Capital Campaign

To date, we've raised $27.1 million!! In addition, we will add approximately $7.5 million to the funds raised through our existing properties (read below). Nancy and Stephen Grand recently hosted a donor cultivation event at their beautiful home in San Francisco. Over 50 of their friends attended to learn more about our project and the campaign. As a result, $1.8 million was pledged toward our campaign (two gifts came from their next door neighbors!) Nancy Grand, once again, shared her personal story of traversing hospitals, waiting rooms and treatment with Stephen. Watch for an interview with Nancy Grand next month in the San Francisco Business Times.

Our next cultivation event in April, will be hosted by Diana Montgomery, Preston Raisin and George Montgomery. We will keep up our efforts until every last dollar is raised. Please, if you haven't already joined us, check out our online donations page to help open new doors of compassion for our families.

Real Estate

You may wonder what will happen to the two existing Family House buildings. Family House is in conversation with UCSF Medical Center to run our 10th Avenue building as an adult guest house, so our doors of compassion will continue to remain open in the Inner Sunset. The Irving Street property will be sold at the time of our move. Combined, these two deals will net our campaign an additional $7.5 million, bringing the total of all sources of income for the campaign up to $34.6 million. Only $5.4 million to raise. Let's go!


Hospital patient

Autumn 2013

Land Acquisition

Another milestone! The Owner's Participation Agreement has been finalized, which is a critical step in achieving title to Block 7 East. This means that the project developer and the City have signed off on the parameters for a new Family House at Mission Bay. One step at a time is making this project come to life.


Architects Richard Stacy and Gregg Novicoff of the architectural firm Leddy, Maytum and Stacy, are in the throes of creating schematic design plans for the new Family House. Along the way to finalizing architectural plans, there will be several meetings with City staff, including architects to ensure that our new building fits into the neighborhood. We expect final plans to be ready by early December.

Team Building

The Owner's Representative on this project is Lorcan Kearney from the firm Cambridge Construction Management (CCM). CCM has managed several UCSF building projects at Mission Bay, and Lorcan is doing a great job of making sure that budgeting, scheduling, and coordinated communication occurs efficiently among our consultants and contractors.


After an exhaustive and competitive bidding process, Nibbi Brothers General Contractors won the Family House contract to build our new facility. Jeff Hoopes, President of Swinerton Construction, participated in contractor interviews and selection. Nibbi, long a generous member of the Family House family, didn't have to rely on family ties to win the job. We look forward to working with the Nibbi team to make a building that's attractive, efficient, and comfortable for our families.

Capital Campaign

To date, we've raised $24.8 million!! Jeannie and Spencer Wang recently hosted a donor cultivation event at their beautiful home in Tiburon. Over 50 of their friends attended to learn more about our project and the campaign. The star of the evening was Nancy Grand, who shared her personal story of why Family House is such an important project for her and husband, Stephen. As a professional speaker, Nancy knocked everyone's socks off, and made a compelling case for all present to join her in making an investment in the future of Family House.


Cancer patient staying at Family House

Early Autumn 2013

Biggest News of the Day

Nancy Grand, one half of our naming donors, Nancy and Stephen Grand, has joined the Family House Board of Directors. Nancy brings many years of successful nonprofit board service and leadership to our excellent team of dedicated board members. Having recently rotated off the Jewish Community Federation Board of Directors as Chair, the timing was just right for Nancy to turn her attention to our wonderful project. Welcome, Nancy!

Land Acquisition

Family House land use attorney, Karen Tiedemann (talented beyond words), is finalizing the Owner's Participation Agreement with the City's Redevelopment Successor Agency. This, on the tail of last month's signed, executed Transfer Agreement, represents another milestone of success. We expect the final land title for Mission Bay's Block 7 East to transfer to Family House sometime mid-2014, so keep your calendar ready for a groundbreaking party that none of you, our donors, will want to miss!


Richard Stacy and Gregg Novicoff are heading up the architectural and design team at Leddy, Maytum and Stacy (LMS). They are at the midway point through the schematic design of the Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House, and it's taking beautiful shape. To say this is a thrilling step is to understate the palpable energy that our staff, board of directors, donors, volunteers, and families feel. To date, LMS has put together an excellent and diverse group of San Francisco consultants and contractors to round out the talent needed to plan the building.

And speaking of plans, Family House draws upon its very own Kevin Williams, General Manager of the Ritz Carlton Residences in San Francisco, for help in planning the new building. Kevin is ably taking the staff (including our housekeeping folks) through a series of planning sessions to make sure that the building operation is efficient, attractive, and comfortable. Thank you, Kevin.


At long last, and after an exhaustive open and competitive contractor selection process, the Family House Real Estate Committee, headed up by Steve Goldfarb, recommended to the Family House Board of Directors at its regular meeting on September 11th that Nibbi Brothers General Contractors be selected to build our new building, and we couldn't be happier. Special thanks to Jeff Hoopes, President of Swinerton Contractors, who added his expertise to the process. Welcome to Nibbi Brothers!

Real Estate Committee members, Steve Goldfarb, Roger Swanson, Sue Diamond, Paul Finigan, and Scott Miller have worked tirelessly through each process of selection to make sure that Family House continues to measure outcomes by the best standards and practices of nonprofits.

Capital Campaign

To date, we've raised over $24 million. However, the big news is that we've added a star player to our capital campaign team: our naming donor and newest board member, Nancy Grand, has agreed to join the Capital Campaign Committee! This exciting addition will increase our visibility in the community, and help Family House achieve its $40 million goal to build a welcoming home for every pediatric family who needs our services. Again, welcome Nancy!

Owner's Representative

Lorcan Kearney from Cambridge Community Builders, has officially joined the Family House team to oversee all aspects of pre-construction and construction processes. Without Lorcan, whose good humor, outstanding skills, and experience at Mission Bay have taken us to this point, we would not have gotten so far so quickly. Thank you, Lorcan.


A Family House guest

Late Summer 2013

Land Acquisition

The final Transfer Agreement, which gives Family House legal control of Block 7E has been finalized by all parties. This is truly a milestone in our years-long pursuit of acquiring this property, and the result of many hours of meetings, negotiations, studies, drafts, public hearings - you name it! It's taken many hands, and fortunately, we have experts both as consultants and as volunteers who have devoted all of their time and talent to make this happen. Being patient is an important and ubiquitous trait at Family House; we know that a long, arduous medical process can lead to tremendous success. Whether waiting for clean scans or a land deal to complete, our staff, families, donors, volunteers are here to realize the new Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House at Mission Bay, whatever it takes!


Now that the land is ours, the San Francisco architectural firm of Leddy, Maytum and Stacy are on the job. The conceptual design, which many of you have seen will, over the next several months, turn into construction drawings. So, our friends at LMS will begin the final drawings (or schematic phase) this month. To accomplish this, they are putting together the pre-construction consulting team who will weigh in on different aspects of building use and design. Various engineers, landscape architects, interior architects, geotechnical consultants and others play an important role in finalizing plans to create an efficient and attractive building.

Team Building

To comply with best practices of development at Mission Bay, Family House is working with the City's Senior Compliance Specialist, George Bridges. Mr. Bridges and LMS will strive to make sure that Small Business Enterprises, and Woman and Minority Owned Businesses are included in key positions throughout the development of our new building.


Our Real Estate Committee has interviewed three outstanding San Francisco General Contractors with experience in developing affordable housing in Mission Bay. The geographical and planning complexities of the area necessitated that many excellent firms who might otherwise be considered, would not have the expertise to work with Family House to complete our project on time and on budget. Selection of the General Contractor will occur at the next Board of Directors meeting in September. We can hardly wait!

Capital Campaign

To date, we've raised $23.8 million!! An exiting effort is being made to realize our $40MM fundraising goal: the UCSF Pediatric staff, from top to bottom, are learning about our new building and ways in which they may support and participate in it. So far, everyone - nurses, social workers, physicians, administrators and staff are enthusiastically looking forward to supporting us. We hope to speak with everyone at UCSF, and to all interested parties everywhere!


A mother and daughter at Family House

Summer 2013

Land Acquisition Process

It is with tremendous excitement that we can announce that state and local approvals have been received to acquire lot 7E in Mission Bay to build the new Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House!

As we move forward in finalizing legalities, Family House hopes to take control of the land as early as this fall, and could receive title to the property as early as January 2014.

Overall fundraising for our project stands at $23.7 million in funds raised and pledged. We are over 2/3 of the way to completing the campaign, and need your continued help to make our goal of housing every child's family in need during their treatment.

On behalf of everyone at Family House, thank you for all of your efforts in support of our truly important mission.


A Family House client

Early Summer 2013

Land Acquisition Progress

We are delighted to share exciting news just on the horizon for the Family House Mission Bay project. After almost two years of negotiations, including the dissolution of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and establishment of entirely new administrative governing entities, Family House finally has its land acquisition in sight.

On June 4th, Family House presented to the Successor Agency of the Redevelopment Agency, and on June 10th, we presented to the Oversight Board. We shared the many letters of support, and received approval at both meetings. We truly could not have made these first steps without you.

We are now steps closer to the legal success of our land acquisition for development and operation on Block 7 East at Mission Bay. Our excellent legal team of Karen Tiedemann, Sue Diamond and Steve Goldfarb have negotiated with all relevant stakeholders, and are responsible for any success we may have in this area.

With good luck and a lot of preparation, now that City agencies have approved our documents, the project must still receive the approval of the State Department of Finance, which has 45 days to consider the matter. This piece, as well as other approvals, should not be assumed to be a fait accompli. If all goes well, Family House could legally control the land by September 1, 2013, and would receive title to the property by January 2014 when $2.5 million is transferred to the City for investment in Mission Bay affordable housing.

Overall fundraising for our project stands at $22.5 million in funds raised and pledged. We are about 2/3 of the way to goal, and need your continued help to make our goal of housing every child's family in need during their treatment.

On a related note, for all who have met our patient, Austin Young, and his family, you will be delighted to know that he's got a full schedule of Gaming 4 a Cause events this summer to benefit Family House. As Austin enters UC Davis in the fall, we will continue to support this young man's successes in facing cancer for the past 19 years, and giving back to those who have helped him. He is an inspiration to all of us working so hard to be there for all of the new families who will need our services at Mission Bay.

On behalf of everyone at Family House, especially our incredibly grateful parents, thank you for all of your efforts in support of our truly important mission.


A father and son at Family House

Spring 2013

Fundraising Efforts March Forward

The Annual Family House Gala, this year's Madmen party on May 4th, is yet another opportunity to showcase those who benefit from our services, as well as our generous donors who support our mission. We hope you'll make every effort to attend, as this year's Gala promises to be the most memorable yet.

Board member Gerry Sangiacomo hosted a beautiful open house and breakfast at our 50 Irving Street building for 50 of her closest friends. During the morning fete, guests were able to tour the house, meet staff and hear directly from our families what Family House means to them. Several event attendees signed up on the spot to volunteer, learn more and make donations.

The 19th Annual Cabernet for Connoisseurs™ wine tasting, dinner and auction was a smashing success! The party kicked off with the announcement of the Grands' naming pledge, which set the tone for a party that brought in over $800,000. Exceeding all expected goals, many new people were introduced to Family House, our mission, and a lot of excellent wine. Follow up meetings are already in process to further acquaint our community with our fine work and plans for the future. To view some photos from Cabernet for Connoisseurs™ 2013, please click here.

Board members Art Ablin and Michelle Hermiston were integral participants of our UCSF Capital Campaign Kickoff Ice Cream Social at the hospital in April for the Pediatric Division Heads, faculty and staff. We were able to speak directly to over 150 potential donors to the campaign who were shown the schematics and hear our exciting news about the future of Family House in Mission Bay. To view some photos from that event, please click here.


A Family House patient

Winter 2013

Land Acquisition

Family House has been working diligently to secure land in Mission Bay to build our new 80 room facility. Acquisition of the land is a vital step to achieving our dream. It's been a long wait, but Mayor Lee has finally appointed a new Commission to succeed the Redevelopment Agency Commission, which has the legal authority to sign the contract with Family House to purchase 30,000 square feet of Block 7 East to develop at Mission Bay. The two parties must sign a Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) as the first step in legally acquiring this piece of land. As we understand from the City staff members, Family House will be among the first group of DDAs in the queue of development projects at Mission Bay to be considered by the new SFRA. Our hope is to have a signed, executed DDA by the second quarter of this year. This will mark a tremendous milestone in the project, as we have been in conversation with the City for many years for this piece of Block 7.


The architectural firm of Leddy, Maytum and Stacy has prepared conceptual drawings of a new Family House at Mission Bay with floor plans. We look forward to starting the final schematic drawings once we're further along on fundraising.


Our goal is to manage this large construction project in such a way as to make sure we are efficient and cost effective. We are in the process of identifying appropriate and qualified consulting firms from which we will seek proposals to identify an Owner's Representative. Once hired, this firm will assist in all facets of hiring, overseeing and finishing the construction process. Their first piece of business will be to work with us to issue a request for proposal to qualified contractors for an open and competitive bidding process.

Appraisal of Existing Properties

Carneghi and Blum Appraisers have completed a full appraisal of our two existing properties; and we intend to start the process to find a buyer for these two sites, so that we can apply the sales amount to our overall Mission Bay goal of $40 million.


We're going great guns in the silent phase of our project. The outstanding capital campaign committee is actively cultivating and soliciting donors. We hope you will share your passion and support for Family House with your friend and family and encourage them to join the growing number of our volunteers, friends and supporters.

Building Blox Consulting is another essential component of our fundraising team. They are providing strategic counseling on donor research and solicitation.


Board members, Amy and Drew McKnight, held a successful cultivation event in their home for colleagues in the investment community in November. One-on-one meetings are scheduled to follow up for cultivation and solicitation.

Cabernet for Connoisseurs™, to be held on Friday, February 8 at the San Francisco St. Regis Hotel is being designated as the next big cultivation opportunity for potential campaign donors. Drew McKnight, Scott Miller, George Hamel and others are purchasing tables to invite individuals interested in the Family House mission and involved with philanthropy. We look forward to a hugely successful event.


Autumn 2012

Family House staff were invited to take a hard hat tour of the new UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in August. Construction is well underway - the shell of the building is up, and the interior construction has begun: I-beams, drywall, and studs. It's becoming easier to imagine how the renderings of the new patient rooms will take shape at Mission Bay. Acute Care and Intensive Care patient rooms are being designed not just for the best possible patient care, but also to be a comfortable environment for families, and an efficient place to work for medical staff. You can read more about the project by visiting the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital website. View the photos below of Family House staff at Mission Bay, and check back soon for more updates.

photos from the hard hat tour of the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital